Random Thoughts

So many awesome lines in here xx


I’m in love with this feeling of me getting lifted and don’t u forget it

and no I’m not kidding 

I’m really not kidding

if I say it I done it I did it ain’t no need for no fibbing

got so much talent it reach through the ceiling 

this feeling I’m feeling I’m feeling this feeling it’s really appealing

I’m willing to healing u got that penicillin too

I’m tripping I’m slipping I’m flipping because I been sipping true

I sifted the truth then gifted it to u that is presented by written proof


let me excuse I’m spitting no tooth

I’m shifting my noose

I’m drifting a cruise 

because you’re risking a bruise to your ego on point like a needle

I’m casper to people

just so easy to see through like a peephole

I got this on lock keyhole  


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