69 Steps To Finding That Special Someone Online

I can’t even…

Thought Catalog

1. Fail at love.

2. Go online for it.

3. Take photos of your face staring at a computer, then photos of your body in a bathroom mirror holding a phone.

4. Find candid photos, maybe on a mountain or with friends at a bar.

5. Do not tell your parents what you’re doing.

6. Choose a website.

7. Say to your best friends it’ll be a goofy laugh.

8. Think of a profile name using the city where you live then add an activity you enjoy in your spare time.

9. Answer questions.

10. Tell strangers if you’d be interested in cutting them during sex or if you would play out a rape fantasy with them.

11. Tell strangers how much money you make in a year.

12. Tell strangers the most private thing you’ve done in your life.

13. Browse through images representing thousands and thousands of pounds…

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