Make Me Cheese, Please

mah homegirl’s punny poem 🙂

inked thoughts

Oh, how I wish I was cheese, it’s such a grate thing to Brie
I know what you’re thinking, what the hell is wrong with me?
But to live as a hunk of mozzarella, I’d give everything
I don’t care what type I am, whether I’m a block or string

I know it sounds pepper-jacked up, wanting to sit on a cold shelf
But if I was feeling bleu and hungry, I could munch on myself
The down side’s I curd not imagine getting sliced by a knife
But other than getting chopped, I’d say cheese has got a gouda life

Maybe you don’t want to be dairy, but those of us who like to have fondue
You cheddar believe me when I say I want a pasteurized view
“No whey!” I hear you say, but I want to be Colby
Make me into cheese, please, that’s the life for…

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