If You’re Not Excited About The Holiday Season, Get The Hell Out Of My Face

haha i feel this

Thought Catalog

First it’s Halloween, then it’s Thanksgiving, then it’s Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, the Wiccan festival of Midwinter. It doesn’t really matter what the hell you celebrate, because you’d better believe it’s holiday season. As for me, I’m going to go stuff a humorous amount of corn and leaves and literally all the best grains possible into a cornucopia, toss that up on my mantle, surround that bad boy with some seasonal candles, Instagram the shit out of it, and let the whole beautiful, goddamn autumnal world know that holiday season is commencing.

Oh my god, who the hell thinks it’s possible to work or even eat, drink, breathe, and properly function as a sentient being once the fall leaves starting dropping? The mind starts moving to thoughts of beautiful gumdrops and nutcrackers and, holy lord I am getting ahead of myself, there are Halloween costume decisions to be made — sexy…

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