Knock Before Entering

Scribes Ink.

I melt against his fingertips 
As he outlines my thirsty lips
And drags them across my cheeks
I sigh, he doesn’t make a peep
Curious fingers wander all over
Caressing and teasing and pulling me closer
My skin is tingling…
His hungry eyes are twinkling… 
He moves in but neglects my lips
Instead he trails kisses down to my hips
Frustrated, I tangle my fingers into his hair
Pulling him upward so into his lustful eyes I can stare
Then I lean in for a taste
His fingertips dig into my waist
Our lips meet…
Our hearts loudly beat…
I am desperate for more than this
So I probe my tongue in between his lips
Quietly groaning…
Hands roaming…
I fall backwards onto the bed
In between his large hands he holds my head
My skin ignites at every point we touch
But it still isn’t quite enough 
Pulling threads…

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