Brooklyn Blog 1

I’m crashing at my step-grandma’s apartment for the weekend. It smells like Indian food (there’s an Indian restaurant below us) but it’s really nice. She got it refurbished a few years ago.

Yesterday was really awesome. I got my adult driver’s license, and after eating sushi, I found out I got into one of my top colleges. I applied on October 30th and they got back to me on my birthday, making it the fastest reply and the best birthday ever. I applied to a school back on September 2nd and I was supposed to hear back after four weeks, but still no response.

I’m unsure if I’m going to go to the school that admitted me yet because I have to hear back from three other schools and I still have to apply to four. And then I have to check out the financial packages that they offer me….sigh.


Here is me in my birthday ensemble, making a silly face.


I went into Manhattan with my mom and sister. Then my dad met up with us so we could eat tons of Cuban food. There was live music, too much food, and dessert….it was really lovely.

Here’s a picture of me before I made my birthday wish.


My dad forgot where he parked the car so we were wandering down 46th street for half an hour before he realized the car was on 42nd. My mom was seething.

My dad drove us to the Brooklyn apartment and then left for home. Now it’s just my mom, my sister, and me, chillun out.

Actually I’m the only chillun out, drinking OJ. My mom is showering right now and my sister is out cold. It’s almost 10am.

I would like to blog everyday while I’m here. Maybe it’ll help me get back into the flow of blogging about my thoughts and such.

Anywho, it’s my turn to shower now.

Later, WordPress.


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