Process of Forgetting


It’s easy to forget when you never bother to remember
You never use pencils, you have no need for erasers
You have no need for anything really, not even me
I’d like to not need you, but that’s not how it is, unfortunately
I’ve drawn a few sketches of you and me together
And I know I’d be delusional to think I’d want these memories to last forever
But I was hoping that I would at least have a chance to color them in
To make these drawings come to life, but instead they’ll just be sketches of what could have been
I’m not going to lie, I have cried a few times over this
Your cheeks have probably remained dry, it’s not me you will ever miss
It’s fine, I will get over it
Erase all of my memories and nostalgic shit…
And perhaps I’ll put my pencil down for awhile.



*images from Google…I don’t draw


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