I’m Nauseous and Shaking

My lungs fill up with death
After inhaling another cold, icy breath
My lips and fingers are a bit blue
Tears freeze on each cheek too
I’m confused
My heart is bruised
I am different
But I don’t know if anyone will accept it
I walk briskly and think of what could be
And reminisce about what could’ve been for me
The loose ends are still frayed threads
Only now I have a loving, kind friend
That holds the ends together
She promised ‘always’…does that mean forever?
Lost in my thoughts
I forget how to walk
Although I remember each step I made
And I know each step I still have to take
As I approach what is supposed to be home
The place my heart has left so long ago
I hope that someone somewhere will one day accept me

© 2013 VicRomero


*image from Google


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