Remaining Embers

I hate December
I don’t want to remember it
I want to forget the way his warm lips felt
On my frozen skin
And the way his hair tickled my face…
I hate December
I will always
Or at least until I forget
The way he made my heart beat out of my chest
The way his arms wrapped around me
The way he told me he was glad he had found me…
Fuck December
And the rest of the months
I don’t want to think about him for once
He sucks
And I’m tired
Of him starring in my nightmares
Please, put out the embers
On the first of December
I want to forget
I’m going back to sleep
Wake me up when December ends

© 2013 VicRomero

*image from google


6 thoughts on “Remaining Embers

  1. Reblogged this on Unzip These Lips and commented:

    It’s amazing…just when you think you’ll never move on, you do. And you stop asking “why did this have to happen???” and you start thinking “I’m glad it happened” #repost #firstcrush

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