Scared to Sleep

I’ve had nightmares the past three nights. This is unusual for me, seeing as I typically don’t even dream. I prefer it that way.

I’m unsure if these nightmares are a result of stress and just being…scared (college…maybe my sexuality too..) or if it’s a result of reading about tons of murders (I’ve been working on a presentation about serial killers and am also reading Macbeth).

Needless to say, I truly just want one night of blissful sleep. I don’t know how to achieve that though…by drinking chamomile tea? Spraying lavender everywhere?

I tried going to bed earlier last night (I went to bed at 9:30…haven’t done that since I was 10!) and that didn’t work. Instead I had an extremely fitful sleep and more nightmares than the previous two nights.

Anywho…I’m going to finish studying economics and then make up some “nightmare-prevention ritual” so as to avoid bad dreams. Because right now I’m scared to close my eyes. Wish me luck…

Goodnight, WordPress x


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