Call It Off

*cue music*

Will I regret uttering these
Words so brutal?
I know I will be breaking my own heart
A blow to my own knees
If I decide to finally open my mouth
And talk
But I can’t lie anymore
And I can’t listen to your insistence
That everything will work out
You feel some form of love
All I feel is doubt
Disgusting doubt…
Your kisses are unbearable
Your touch makes me cringe
I’m falling in love
And falling apart
So the logical thing for me to do
Is to break my own heart.

© 2013 VicRomero


3 thoughts on “Call It Off

  1. I am discovering I would rather break my own heart than have someone else stomp the hell out of it and then laugh as they walk away,

    1. I totally hear u…but on the other hand…maybe you’re terminating something than can grow to be what you’re looking for. What u need. You know? Thanks for reading x

      1. When alarm bells go off and pain becomes almost as frequent as the joy from the relationship — I have to go with my instincts and say NO!! 😉

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