Miley’s Glittery Boobs

Hey, WordPress

Had a snow day today….which was really nice.  I made a Tumblr!  I’m kinda addicted because there are tons of beautiful babes on there…and Fall Out Boy.  I love Fall Out Boy.

While I was reblogging pics of hot chicks and feminist stuff, I was also bumming out on the couch with my sister watching shitty television and snacking.

I have been trying to come out to my sister for awhile now…I came really close to telling her yesterday.  And then again today.  I would be like: hey, Alex (that’s her name) I want to talk to you about something…

Then she would reply like: about what?  are you okay? you’re making me nervous.

Because she was nervous, I would feel nervous so then I would say: is Erik coming for Christmas?

Blah.  It’s so depressing.

My friend from a writing app that I used to use suggested that I write down what I want to say  and just give the note to her.  I associate notes with bad news and I also find notes to be rather lame…but seeing as that words fail me, I think it’s the best way to go.

ORRR I can start drinking from this mug in the morning…

2013-12-16 18.23.12

ORRR I can just wear this button…

2013-12-16 18.23.07

ORRR I can tweet her this pic #ladyboners

2013-12-16 18.22.57

My friend suggested that I start a natural conversation, mention that sexy Miley Cyrus video…with the glitter and the side-boob…and front boob…all boobs…and then just slip in: btw I dig chicks

I don’t know peeps…the note is definitely classier.  I think I’ll take that route.  Although the anxiety from her reading it will kill me.

When I do tell her, she’ll be the first person that I told.  My friend doesn’t really count because he read it in a blog I wrote…the Getting Naked one, to be exact.

Anywho…I should get ready for bed.  Big day tomorrow.  I have an economics test…bahumbug.

Wish me luck?

Goodnight all, have a good day tomorrow..xo


13 thoughts on “Miley’s Glittery Boobs

  1. If your sister loves you it will not matter to her if you’re into chicks or not. Go the letter way. If you can’t tell her through voice. Hugs

    1. hey lana! thanks for reading…and you’re right. i don’t think she would dislike me…her best friend is gay and she is an advocate for equal rights…i’m just scared that she’ll start looking at me differently. not cuz i’m queer but cuz i’m her big sis…she may feel like she never knew me at all…idk i’m just making myself nervous now. but regardless of her initial reaction, i believe that it’ll be okay…oh and! jerbear (a wordpress blogger idk if you know him but he posts tons of queer news) posted about this app to meet other queer people and it’s called i downloaded it and it’s weird cuz there’s a waiting line to become a member. it was my turn to join the other day and i haven’t used it much…but i know u were looking at dating sites and maybe u wanna check this out? idk if it’s good or not, it’s relatively new too. but maybe u can consider it 🙂

      1. Well if there are any people on it into trans then Ill take a sneak peak 🙂 I’m downloading it right now Thanks 🙂 P.S. Never heard of him lol

      2. I downloaded the app but it just shows pages. There is no screen to make a username or anything its a strange app

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