Hate in the family – effeminaphobia begins at home

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Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM


The hate I am referring to is effeminaphobia and the family is the community of LGBTQ people we sometimes refer to as “family.” Over the weekend I received the most hateful and vile comment yet. It was not from the usual haters but from a self described “masculine gay man,” Here’s the comment:

Get this straight: Masculine gay men are not in the least afraid of of girls, sissies or trannies–they are repulsed, disgusted, grossed out (at the most, horrified) by them. The worst, most sickening thing in the universe (after cruelty and indifference to the suffering of others) is, of course, the vagina; but a close second is girlishness. Both are loathsome, nauseating, repellent; but it might nonetheless be said, in defense of appalling ventral orifices, that, however much like mangled tarantulas they may be, they are not usually hysterically vulgar affectations.

Clearly this man is deeply misogynistic. He…

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