Are Lesbians Being Written Out Of The LGBT Community? – A Blog By Joan Annsfire (Lavender Joan)

i was talking about this to my mom awhile ago…glad i’m not the only one that has noticed this


lavenderjoan2I just finished reading an article in the “Huffington Post” about the 20 most compelling queers of 2013. 4 of them were born female. You heard right, 4 out of twenty! The remaining 16 were born male although some have transitioned to female and are living that way now. 

Lesbians who have been born and raised as women are NOT one fifth of the queer community’s population! And it’s not just this one article. The huge photo on the cover of the New Year’s edition of the Bay Times” shows men as men, men in drag and women with smiles and long hair (have you noticed the huge percentage of young females who wear their hair long now?) Not a single female butch among them. I am beginning to fear that little by little, step by step the male culture of the LGBT community is writing out those of…

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