Sacramento News & Review – When it comes to transgender students, it’s time to prioritize safety over comfort – Editorial – Opinions – January 2, 2014

It’s reblog worthy 🙂

Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM

One of the best editorials I’ve seen on transgender students’ rights…


It’s good to see that the Sacramento City Unified School District is moving forward with a new policy to integrate and protect transgender students. Assembly Bill 1266, passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor in the last session, went into effect January 1, even as some groups attempted to overturn the law.

We’re pleased that no matter what the ultimate outcome of various suits and a potential referendum, SCUSD moved promptly to ensure student safety at school.

It is, however, disheartening to see continued prejudice and misunderstanding about trans people making its way into the discussion.

Opponents of trans-inclusive policies always make a point of expressing their fears of loss of privacy in the bathroom and locker room. It even came up in a Sacramento City Council discussion in October 2013, when Councilman Allen Warren expressed his…

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