Russian Gay Activist arrested waving Rainbow Flag at Sochi Olympic Torch Relay


By Cathy Kristofferson, January 18, 2014

rf1Russian LGBT activist Pavel Lebedev today jumped out in front of the torchbearer of the Olympic Torch Relay in Voronezh, Russia and waved a rainbow flag. He was of course then tacked by event personnel and handed over to police. The information on social media from @ru_lgbt_teen who tweeted the action complete with the series of pictures below (thank you!) says “Police took away Pavel Lebedev to the police station number 1 on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street, 60.

Since youth were undoubtedly present at the pre-Sochi event, Lebedev risks not only charges stemming from jumping the security line but also violating Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law by expressing a positive image (rainbow flag) where youth can see. Imagine…

We will add updates to the story as information becomes available.

Translation of a report found online says:

In Voronezh during the Olympic torch relay was…

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