Out in the Open – Creating Allies Not Alienating Them

Jeri’s Trans/LGBTQIA Queer Reflections From The City Different - Santa Fe, NM

A Harvard University student who has gay parents gently suggests that a movement that focuses more on excluding people that don’t know all the correct terminology should rethink its strategy. Potential Allies should be educated not turned away. Sometimes we are the victims of our own making. There are many straight Allies or potential Allies that may not know, for example, what genderqueer is or what cis gender means but are potentially accepting if someone just took the time to explain. Look how a whole high school in California rallied around the Agender student whose skirt was burned on a bus ride. I am willing to bet that many didn’t know what an Agender person was before they went to school with one. They probably had to gently explain their gender identity to many students and teachers who then became Allies that in turn explained to others. It worked because…

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