Quick Update (AKA Rock Bottom)

Today, May 27, 2014, is my best friend’s 19th birthday and my 3-month anniversary with my girlfriend.

It should be a happy day but my best friend and I have spent it crying because her former boss is a stalker and emailed her at 12:01 am to say happy birthday, and my girlfriend lost her promotion to becoming assistant manager, she’s getting transferred to another store, and the other boss that didn’t know about our relationship now knows about us.

I am also bombarded with math tests and final projects this week, the week of prom and prom weekend.

I don’t know what’s going on with my girlfriend yet and my best friend is scared to leave her house for her birthday dinner tonight.

I’m really worried and upset about my girlfriend…and I don’t know if she’s mad at me..maybe she doesn’t wanna talk to me…which is okay, I understand but… I’m also scared to go back to work in two weeks now.

When I find out, I will make another post.

In the meantime I will be listening to Fall Out Boy and trying to calm down.

I hope you all are having a better Tuesday than I am.


7 thoughts on “Quick Update (AKA Rock Bottom)

    1. Sorry to reply so late, but thank u and thanks for the hugs I really appreciate it 💜💜 everything is okay now it seems, how are u and your man doing?? Also, u quit smoking right? How did u quit cuz my girlfriend wants to quit

      1. In doing great. Will be four months next week crazy in love hehe. Believe it or not but I quit cold turkey. No gum no nothing. Not everyone can do that but I think that is the best way

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