Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Gotten Back Together That Time Because You Never Failed to Make Me Feel Like You Were Going To Bolt At Any Given Second

The thing I wanted to ask u was I just wanted to make sure that we’re okay I guess..the past two days or so I’ve been unusually anxious and insecure cuz you’re coming and I’m really excited don’t get me wrong it’s just a little scary for me too..cuz you’ll come here and everything will be amazing..we’ll be together 24/7..but then you’ll leave and I’m just scared that when u leave you’ll check out of our relationship again..I mean we just got back together and I’m just nervous what will happen when u physically leave on Sunday. And the other night when I called u cuz I was walking alone at night and u didn’t answer or text me back or anything I got scared that u were already leaving mentally again..or maybe that u are ignoring me cuz I brother u too much..I hope I’m thinking too much into this.

Text I Never Sent (because we talked on the phone instead)

11 Sept 2014


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