I Love The Rain

Out on the street
Headlights illuminate the icy droplets
That pool at the feet
Of the passersby, always rushing

Hot air billows out of their nostrils and lips
As they huff down the street, their bodies water-proofed
Dare their bodies take a dip
Into the icy droplets that hail from the sky

Baggage weighs down their wrists
Frail from carpal tunnel
Determined strides to complete their daily to-do lists
They quickly walk through life

I watch them from the window, reclined in my seat
And cocooned in my sweaters and scarves
Sipping hot chocolate, delectably sweet
Relaxing while I watch their pointless rush

© 2014 Vic Romero

«Sometimes I’m that person that’s always rushing and has no time to fully appreciate my surroundings but I think it’s important to take a break every once in awhile and notice the little things…I hope you enjoyed my poem, I’m really happy and excited to be writing more. I’ve been feeling more inspired lately and I hope it continues. Hope your day is going well! :)»

**image from Google

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