i’m the girl the girl that you were looking for and found

and then i died in a tragic car accident

i’m the girl that suddenly packed up and left town

and then you found her although she didn’t want to be discovered

i’m the girl that changed your life

by inspiring you to uncover

your own self-worth and desires

but i never stick around, i always leave

i touch lives

but i never get to see


i’m a symbol

i provide temporary romances and friendships

but it’s all for your benefit

© 2014 Vic Romero

**inspired by Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns by John Green


2 thoughts on “symbolic

    1. Thank you thank you…I think there’s a few things id like to add tho cuz I feel like this poem doesn’t convey everything I wanted it too but anyway…yes his books are great 😊 except for abundance of Katherine’s I couldn’t make myself finish that haha thank u for reading! 💜💛

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