Getting Lost


Her favorite types of bridges are the old, wooden ones that have vines curling along the railing and suspension cables, in the deep woods. She prefers it when they overlook a stream, so when she’a standing on it, she can gaze at the water crystals rushing over the rocks.

These types of bridges remind her of The Bridge to Terabithia. A magical, scenic bridge that takes you somewhere else…somewhere better. She wants to go somewhere better, but no matter how many bridges she crosses, they only leave her with reality. Every bridge she crosses that doesn’t take her far away from reality is burned down. Regardless of the beauty they uphold, and regardless of the history they have. She just doesn’t want to be followed, and she doesn’t want to go back.

It’s my last weekend of my first semester, so I went out with one of my friend’s who I haven’t seen in awhile. One of her frat sibs was having a birthday party, so I tagged along. It was a chill time…I met a bunch of cool people and talked all night. I got really drunk and then decided to smoke pot again, which is something I’ve been opposed to for a few years now. I was too drunk to care though.

Anyway, it was a great time. We got these sandwiches that are famous at my school at 1am and then hung out for a little longer before heading home. Then I passed out.

I woke up at 4 this morning dehydrated, and my heart was racing and my head was pounding. I chugged down a lot of water but I couldn’t fall back asleep. So I decided to go on Instagram.  I found some information on Instagram that I wasn’t expecting so…I wrote this story based on that. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m going to try to sleep a couple of more hours now. Enjoy your weekend everyone xx



2 thoughts on “Getting Lost

  1. These days my bridges to somewhere else are audiobooks. I have gone through quite a few books lately and enjoy the escape. I guess the real world seems a bit harsh sometimes.

    1. sometimes it is harsh…i think audiobooks are awesome because then u can hear the emotions and it makes it more of an experience than just reading. i want to listen to amy poehler’s autobiography, i heard it was really good 🙂

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