It was my birthday yesterday…it was nice.  Not what I wanted it to be but it wasn’t terrible.

My life has been crazy and a bit of a mess.  I’ve been struggling with school and friends and my love life…maybe I’ll write more in depth about everything later.  There’s been a lot of disappointment in myself and other people but I’ve been working on things and myself…everything will work out and be okay.  I just need to hang in there and stay strong.

Anyway…I miss writing.  I will try to write more this month…it may help with my mental sanity.



5 thoughts on “Twenty

  1. So you’re no longer a teenager! Happy belated birthday! Sorry you’re having a bit of a rough patch. Trust me, we’ve all had them. I am sure you have a bright future, just chalk up whatever your troubles were as a learning experience.

  2. 🎂🍰🎉Happy Belated Birthday🎉🍰🎂 yea my birthday is coming up this week not overly looking forward to it but whatever lol. The joys of life yippy, everything will workout for the best bugs hugs🦄

    1. thank you, happy belated birthday to u too!! :* did u do anything fun/special?? i’m sorry you’re not looking forward to it 😦 getting old is part of life i think it’s wonderful…u get a little wiser each year. thank you, i’m sure they will ❤ ❤ ❤

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