My New Domain!

Hello, everyone! I’m inviting you to follow my journey on my new website! Therefore, I will not be posting on any longer.

My new website will consist of recipes, yoga, creative writing, lifestyle topics, book discussions, personal blogs, and more! It’ll be more engaging and there will be more frequent posts. You can follow my WordPress feed to access new posts in Reader and/or you can subscribe on my website via email or access my RSS feed.

The next post that is coming soon will be about how to make a blog and how to upgrade it to your own domain (and what that even means!).

I hope you will join me!

xx Vic

Welcome to the first official blog post on my new domain! Wow! I never expected to take my passion for blogging further by purchasing my own domain, but I did it! My supportive and loving girlfriend was part of the process toward believing in myself and taking that leap of faith…the Truth + Dare Podcasts…

via Investing in Myself — Unzip These Lips


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