St. Elmo’s Fire

You shift in your sleep, your knee moving to rest against my thigh.  I stiffen as you exhale and tuck your head beneath the crook of my neck.  I tentatively inhale, your hair tickling my nose.  I’m enveloped in your scent as I lie here, awake in your bed.  Acoustic rock had lulled us to sleep, and later, had woken us up.  You must’ve turned it off at some point.

I want to roll over, but I’m afraid to move.  More than that, I’m afraid you’ll move away.  I would prefer to remain close to you, but I’m still unsure if that’s where you want me to be.  I’m also unsure if I would be crossing a boundary if I got closer.

You roll over, turning away from my neck.  I roll over to face the wall.  Your leg, however, finds mine again.

© 2016 Vic Romero



Of course, he had decided to take the highway.  There was no traffic on the highway, so there was no stopping.  He must’ve known that if there was an opportunity to jump out of the car, I would’ve taken it.

I slumped down further in the passenger seat, my arms crossed over my body protectively as his words sliced through my skin.  He said we were having this conversation because he loves me, but I wasn’t feeling loved at all.  It wasn’t even a conversation; it was a lecture.  A lecture about me.  About what’s wrong with me.

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A Short Tale About A Tall Guy and the Shitty, Short “Relationship” I Had With Him (possibly to be continued)

Told in the Form of Facebook Messages

I met a guy I liked but he came on too strong so I told him I just wanted to be friends..we got drunk and then he convinced me we should kiss cuz people do it and ever since we’ve been hooking up

All the affection from hooking up has caused me to like him again, along with getting to know him better like he’s a nice guy but now I’m just not sure

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Woo Me

I ran into one of the friends that had said they were coming to my birthday bash but never showed up, at the dining hall.  She apologized..apparently her pre-party nap caused her to sleep through the whole party.  We ate breakfast together and chatted, it was really nice.

I had met her at a party about a month ago because she was friends with a girl who was friends with my friend.  I liked her instantly and got her number, but I did not anticipate using it.  I didn’t think I was going to see her again and when I’m drunk, I tend to collect the phone numbers of people I talk to for at least a minute, and I don’t usually contact them again.

But then I saw her again at another party and we talked the whole night.  She’s super attractive and has a sexy voice so when she informed me that she just had a nasty breakup with her boyfriend and that she’s bi, I wanted to be the one to make her forget all about him.

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My Disappointing Lust Life

I’ve included this video clip in the post I wrote when I turned nineteen…I hate repeating things but I felt that this was so appropriate for what I want to talk about: my lust life.  AKA my love life but there has been no love so…I’m going to refer to it as my lust life.

Since school started in the fall, there have been four people I’ve toyed a little with.

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Love Bites (ep. 1): Act I, Scene 1

I sit on the ground, oblivious to the craziness around me, solely admiring his dorky grin and the way he engages with the kids.  He starts flexing, daring one of the kids to hang onto his arms to prove his strength.  The kid stands up and grabs onto his forearms.  Then the moment of truth: the kid’s feet leave the ground and he is still standing, tall and proud.  The kid is amazed by his superhero- strength and I feel a little impressed myself.

As he sits back down in the circle, his warm eyes catch mine and his smile widens.  My heart flutters.

The rest of the class passes by quickly.  As I follow my kids out of the door, serving as the caboose of the line, I hang back a little to talk to him.

“So, are you going to come hang out with us next Tuesday?” I ask cooly.

“I can’t, it’s going to be my birthday,” he explains.  I attempt not to look disappointed.  “The following one I can try, though.”

I nod silently.

He gives me a heart-shattering grin.  “I’ll text you,” he says.

“Sounds like a plan,” I say as he bows and I exit.

End scene.

© 2015 Vic Romero

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Love Bites (ep. 3): What’s Your Name Again?

I apologize that the second installment of this series has been delayed a week!  Nevertheless, here is the second publication.  If you haven’t already, read the first one here!

The night was brisk but warm enough to walk without a coat. I crossed my arms over my chest as I walked down the vacant street with my friends, all of us expecting one last night to cut loose before the summer.

I heard the base boom from the basement as we approached the house. Two people that stood on the front porch nodded at us as we made our way up the driveway.

We walked down the stairs into the basement, the music and flashing lights washing over us.

“Let’s grab a drink,” one of my friends said.  We all grabbed cups of beer from the bar and then shimmied over to the dance floor, my friend crooning the words to a Rihanna song into my ear.  As we approached the center of the dance floor, I noticed the cute, Latina girl from my sexualities class.  The one with the female symbol tattooed on her ring finger.

She was chatting with a couple people in the corner of the room, a half-empty beer in her hand.  Her head fell back as she laughed, her mouth wide open and eyes closed.  I confidently strode up to her, leaving my friends behind.

“Hey, Ronnie!” I called to her over the blaring music.

When she noticed me, her face lit up and she grinned.  “Oh my god, heyyyy!”  She pulled me into a one-armed hug, her hand lingering on my lower back when we pulled away.  “How are you?”

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