Quitting Smoking

Maybe we caught fire too soon

Blazed too bright

Burned too quickly

To realize-

We were too hot to last.

We burned ourselves out,

As fast as we ignited


You used to make me so excited.

My love for you brightened my mood

Until you sucked out all my oxygen,

Leaving me gasping for breath.

I have nothing left to give


At some point, you left me alone

In the dark

Fingers singed from holding onto our fire

For far too long

Because I was hoping you would return

To reignite our spark


But not anymore.

I’m walking out of this smoky,

Ashy room

And slamming shut the door

Behind me.


Time for fresh air.


© 2016 Vic Romero

I Think About You Everyday

I’ve been rather depressed since my cousin’s passing.  Depressed, scared, and pensive about morbid things.

I’ve been thinking about death…what was it like for my cousin to die?  It makes me feel bad to think about that since the accident was so violent…but it also makes me sad to think about how her last feeling may have been fear. It hurts me to think she may have been in pain too, although the doctor said she died upon impact, but who really knows?  Maybe they said it for our sake.

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Staying Gold

The last couple weeks of the semester has caused me to feel glum due to stress over my academics as well as my social life. To sum it up: I am in the middle. The in-between. The grey area.

Every aspect of my life seems to fit that description. My sexuality and race/ethnicity, as noted in this post, my affiliated religion (I don’t identify as anything, I just don’t think about it), my majors (WGS and Economics)..I can’t seem to ever fall into one, absolute category. Perhaps it’s because I’m going and I’m still discovering myself and the world or perhaps it’s a false pretense that people can ever fall into one category. Regardless, this thought also applies to my friends.

I don’t have a clique or group of friends. Every time I think I do, I get proven wrong. It’s exhausting, hurtful, and lonely. I was complaining to my good friend, Steph, about it and she told me it was okay to be an outsider in the sense I don’t belong anywhere, I just have random friends here and there. She said I have years to figure out the friends I want to be making and who stays in my life too. She’s right but..I think the nature of college is extremely lonely without a group. Without a group, you tend to get left out and excluded. At least that’s been my experience. If I commuted, for example, I probably wouldn’t care at all about lacking a social circle.

Anyway..I’m writing because despite how much I feel like an outsider, a misfit, a loner, or whatever it may be, I’ve done some pretty badass things. Perhaps I wouldn’t have done them if I didn’t feel so alone.

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Mopey (Sophomore Slumping)

I wrote this with the intention of posting it around the beginning of the New Year but clearly, that is not the case.  I’ve decided to make the first of February my New Year since January wasn’t my favorite month and I feel like I fucked many things up so…Happy New Year!! Whooooo!

Here’s the original post:

The spark I had last year has long been extinguished and I just..feel like crap constantly. The fall semester sucked because I didn’t like many of my classes, my social life consisted of flaky, asshole friends and getting wasted every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to forget about the rest of the week, hooking up, not working out, and I have had no drive, motivation, or self-pride.

It’s been really bad. I thought winter break would help me feel better but instead I’m even more mopey. I have a trip next week to DC, which I was super ecstatic for last year but now I could give less of a shit. Ugh. I need to get out of this sophomore slump or else I’m gonna be miserable and fuck myself over so…here are a list of goals, or cinnamon goals as Hannah Hart says, that I have for myself this year to make the spring semester my comeback of the year.

2016 Cinnamon Goals!! Whooo!
  1. Go to the gym two times a week. – I got really buff last year, but I’ve completely let myself go. So all through the rest of January and into February, I’m going to go to the gym twice a week. Then, as I rebuild some confidence and maintain this routine, I’ll increase the frequency to three times a week in March.
  2. Party less. – Instead of partying three times a week, I’m going to reduce it to one time a week. Three times a week was a lot of partying..I often didn’t get up until 1am so my weekends were super unproductive, especially considering how that only gave me a couple hours to do work because the pre-games started at 8pm. (An exception to this rule is syllabus week).
  3. Engage more with people that reach out to you. Focus less on people that don’t. – Every time I got drunk, I texted this girl that never gave me the time of day…I got to stop! Focus on people that show that they care and want to spend time with me! I also need to hang with people that actually like to do activities with me, not just party. I want well-balanced friends. Lastly, I need to stop trusting people instantly and assume we’re best friends. It’s always a disappointing outcome.
  4. Forgive those that have hurt me. I tend to hold grudges…many of them being subconscious. I’ve realized this when it comes to my parents and as I’ve become more romantically involved with someone new. Old wounds that I thought had healed with time actually never healed, they still hurt. Time only covered them up by allowing the pain to dull for awhile. For some bizarre and awful reason, I am convinced that how I was treated by cruel people before, I’ll be treated like that again by everyone I meet. I need to work through these thoughts and focus on letting them go. I’m not sure how to go about it though..therapy again? Yoga? I don’t know. I need to figure this out..any suggestions?
  5. Join another club. It’ll help me meet more people and it’ll inspire me, which I desperately need.
  6. Speak my mind, because my silence will not protect me. – Be unafraid to share my romantic emotions. Be unafraid to ask for what I want.
  7. Have alone time twice a week. – One of these days should be during the week to give myself a break, and another day should be on the weekend, instead of partying.  Value myself more.
  8. Get closer to my family. -Be less afraid to be myself around them. Bond with them more.
  9. Research/Internship. -If not this summer, definitely next summer.
  10. Learn how to blow bubbles with gum. – When everyone was learning how to blow bubbles, I had braces so I never learned.
  11. Stop apologizing for being an adult who is still learning what matters, who matters, and which direction to go. – Thought Catalog 

In March or April, maybe I’ll follow up with my progress and/or additions to my Cinnamon Goals.

What have been your goals for 2016, and how are they coming along??

xx Vic


I’ve been feeling like I’m going through a breakup again, except it’s not a romantic breakup.  I’m experiencing a roommate breakup.

I got a roommate my second semester of college.  She likes Fall Out Boy, and I love Fall Out Boy, so basically it was love at first sight.  But then the “honeymoon” phase wore off and reality struck.  I became ridiculously agitated by her, and although I never talked about it, I think my bad attitude was noticeable. Then, Tuesday of this week, we broke up in the sense that we decided not to live together next year.  (We were planning to live together up until this point.)  So now we’re in this awkward phase like…”I can’t wait to get away from you,” except we’re still living together now. Yeah, there’s only like two weeks of the semester left and I’m rarely in the room anyway, but when I am in the room, it’s uncomfortable.  And smelly.  Did I mention she has BO?  She also hasn’t washed her sheets since she moved here in January, nor has she done laundry since spring break so…two more weeks of this fun.

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My Friend, Anxiety

I’ve been back in school for awhile so my anxiety has come and gone but today my anxiety has been flaring up big time.  I’ve been anxious all day.  I’ve been able to distract myself for short periods of time but eventually it comes creeping back…I’ve been trying to relieve things that would cause my anxiety but two of the things are out of my control: I’m finally getting a roommate tomorrow and I’m really nervous and my ex reached out to me so we’ve chatted briefly and although we’re not talking or anything anymore, just the fact that she spoke to me has made me like…I feel kinda sad about reality I guess.  Everything changes and although I love my life now, it makes me a little nostalgic to see how things have changed.

So to stop feeling nostalgic, I start thinking about my present but in the present I’m getting a roommate and I’m nervous about that…I’ve never shared a room with anyone for an extensive period of time…a club I was in was causing me major anxiety too but I quit that…but telling them that I was quitting gave me anxiety and then waiting for a reply…and school is scary and stressful.  I’m taking more classes and harder classes…and clubs and friends and anxiety AnXiEtY ANXIETY!!

Right now I’m just trying to relax before bed by listening to this YouTube video, drinking Sleepytime tea, and I took some Valerian root pills before.  I’ll bathe my bed with lavender scents as well because that’s a relaxing scent.

Anyway, I just wanted to write a little bit about what I’m feeling since writing is therapeutic for me.  I hope everyone is doing well, I’ll try to read up on your blogs later since I’m too anxious to even read anything aside from my textbook.